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All of our family dishes will feed 4/5 people and are £16 each. Minimum order 2 dishes all orders free delivery in our area.
Quote “family deal” when ordering and get a 10% discount.

1 - Rigatoni con polpette Home made meatball pasta with a ragu sauce

2 - Pasticcio ai 4 formaggi (V) 4 cheese pasta in a creamy béchamel sauce

3 - Lasagne al Forno Made the traditional way including egg and ham, making this the true Italian Lasagne

4 - Lasagne con ortaggi misti (V) Vegetable lasagne including, aubergines, roasted peppers, mushrooms and courgettes

5 - Penne al sugo di salsiccia Penne pasta with Italian lucanica sausage in Napoli sauce

6 - Gnocchi alla sorrentina (V) Gnocchi pasta with tomato, basil and fresh parmesan

7 - Gnocchi con crema di gorgonzola e spinaci (V) Gnocchi pasta in a creamy gorgonzola sauce with fresh spinach

8 - Penne alla Norma (V) Penne pasta with aubergines, basil, mozzarella and a Napoli sauce

9 - Tortellini Prosciutto e Funghi Ham filled pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce

10 - Parmigiana di Melanzane (V) Oven baked aubergines in a rich Napoli and mozzarella sauce topped with fresh basil and parmesan

11 - Pasta e patate al forno Surprise your guests and try something knew with this combination of potatoes, pasta and cheese and ham

12 - Quinoa Frittata A lovely way to eat this super food and great side order, Quinoa omelette style vegetarian or meat